Contract law - Banking law - Corporate finance

    We specialize in the entire range of contract law
and in particular modern forms of contracts such as: - Factoring, - Know how, - Franchising. - Simple and complex Loan Agreements
. - Breach of Contract - Liability of Investment Advisers


Regulatory is the law governing so-called regulated markets, such as infrastructure markets (energy, telecommunications, ports), financial services and the pharmaceutical industry. We ensure compliance of corporate practice; we handle the company's co-operation with the relevant public supervisory authority and advise on the regulatory aspects that might affect proposed activities.

In this field, we have represented our clients before supervisory authorities and in court procedures, and we have also cooperated with various supervisory authorities.

Energy Law

Our office specialises in the quite complex field of Energy Law. Our lawyers have delivered opinions on both the electricity and natural gas markets and have handled some of the most important cases of electricity law before both the civil courts and the State Council. In the regulatory field, we have advised on the drafting of both multilateral international contracts and the regulatory texts governing the relevant markets.

Public Procurement

In the field of Public Procurement Law we have advised across the range of current legislation, ie procurement, public works and service contracts. In this context, we have represented clients before the Council of State and the Court of Auditors. We have also advised on the drafting of contract terms and framework contracts on behalf of contracting authorities.

Company law

We advise our clients on the day-to-day company law issues around the governance of both large and medium-sized Entities and Conglomerates.
Our lawyers have been involved in several merger and acquisition cases, particularly in multilateral cases with cross-border elements.
Our expertise, especially in the field of corporate finance, involves advising on the issuance of bond loans of several hundreds of millions of euros, bBoth simple and syndicated bond loans included. We have also negotiated special financing contracts with the European Investment Bank. Our lawyers' past experience as members of the legal service of large corporations as well as their participation as members of Board of Directors adds value and experience to our services.

Environment, Health & Safety

The industrial sector is one of the most regulated sectors of the economy. In this field we offer specialized expertise. We recently acted as legal advisors to an American consulting firm when compiling a comprehensive report on the relevant legislation in our country. The area of analysis included fields such as environmental responsibility, chemical handling at the workplace or even very specific areas such as the regulatory framework for the construction and management of all types of tanks or waste management.


Energy Storage

Our office advised the Greek IPTO on issues relating to energy storage. Our advice extended to the new regulatory framework around energy storage facilities after the issuance of Directive 2019/944 in particular in connection to...

Digital Banking – Blockchain – Smart contracts

Stavros Kitsakis spoke at the 6th digital banking forum on the legal implications and legal problems identified by both the use of blockchain infrastructure in banking and financial transactions and the implementation of so-called smart...